NANU Studio, started by Krishna Chavda, is a studio devoted to creating playful and vibrant illustrations for high-quality goods to editorial illustration to print-pattern design. 

Inspired by pop culture, overheard conversations, the natural world, and word-play, NANU Studio creates connections through witty and whimsical pen and ink designs, which are generally filled with puns so chuckles and smiles abound. 

Why “NANU Studio,” you might wonder. Nanu means little in Gujarati and it is what Krishna’s family calls her as she is the little - but slightly taller - sister. Krishna associates the nickname with her creative juices and overall curious, spirited nature, so it is only fitting to incorporate the name into the studio name.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as we enjoy making them. If you are interested in carrying our products, or would like to collaborate on a custom project, kindly drop us a note. Check out the illustration portfolio for client work. We look forward to hearing from you!